Our Story

Prominent Coffee Co. is a passion project brought to life by Stephen Szortyka, owner of StandOut Marketing.

So why did we choose the name “Prominent”?  We wanted our name to reflect our aspirations for the coffee shop—a place that stands out (yes, that was intentional as well) in the saturated coffee market by offering something distinctive and extraordinary. Every cup of coffee and every visit to our shop should be an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on your palate and in your heart. 

We prioritize ethically sourced beans, offer a unique coffee blend exclusive to Prominent, present a diverse menu, and provide an inviting space for you to work, hang out with friends, conduct business meetings & more! Our goal is to become the Prominent coffee choice in your life, delivering excellence at every sip. 

Join us on this remarkable coffee journey.

Meet Our Owner

Stephen Szortyka

Prominent Coffee Co. is a passion project brought to life by Stephen Szortyka. Initially, Steve, the owner of StandOut Marketing, leased the space as a marketing office. However, when the world was thrown into disarray in 2020, remote work became the norm, rendering the StandOut office obsolete. Fast forward to the fall of 2021, months of collaboration, brainstorming and meeting with countless contractors and town inspectors, he realized that transforming the space into a coffee shop would be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.

“Our focus has always been on delivering exceptional quality and personal touches, and we are confident that you will feel the same joy and passion from the moment you step through our doors.”

Meet Our Head Barista

Benjamin Fresch

Ben, an Account Manager at StandOut, is now living his dream of running a coffee shop. Teaming up together has been an absolute joy, from renovating the space to crafting unique recipes and conducting countless espresso tastings. 


Meet Our Team







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